Helicopter Aerial shots

Our helicopters as well as our crews are at your disposal for all your air work missions: HD shots, television broadcasts, shootings, sports events, spotting of sites, air surveillances, etc...

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Fields of intervention

Aerial Work is a specialist’s trade that requires a great professionalism. Benefit of Azur Helicoptere experience to concretize your projects.

Video : We can realize video editings in our studio or simply send you the rushs.

Picture : Your aerial pictures will be provided on the support and at the format you wish. Dvd, hard disc, paper copy…

Special Yachts : Exceptional photo shots realized by a professional photographs who work with the biggest pleasure crafts constructors. Their photographic technic : approach to the nearest and the fastest the yachts to catch rare strength images.


Robinson R44 (3 seats)

890 € HT/h

Ecureuil/Squirrel (5 seats)

1540 € HT/h

* VAT 20%
Shots above an agglomeration require an overflight exemption request from the prefecture, and a period of 20 days.
Shots in airport areas require an authorization (5 Business days)