Helicopter transport - Load lifting

The helicopter is recognized today and used as the essential tool for the transport of material and teams, specialized on hostile grounds (construction sites in urban zones, industrial, maritime, mountainous)
To answer the increasing demands of its customers and partners, the company T.A.F. helicopter decided to implant in Lyon and in Cannes two helicopters equipped for lifting AS350 B3 +.

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Air conditioners and CTA

AIR CONDITIONERS and CTA, we intervene on your construction site roofings (shopping malls, factories) for the drop-off and withdrawal of your climatic material.

Helicopter transport enables to drop off and\or remove quickly and accurately your material.


CONSTRUCTION, We carry out transport operations of material on diverse construction sites (truck, concrete, big bag, pallets, generator) as well as the transport of equipment (building machine, algeco).
For all your construction sites difficult to access or located in cramped zone, the supply of material is essential for a good progress. The helicopter turns out to be of an incomparable efficiency.


TELECOMS, with the installation of antennas, pylons and masts.
In the field of the rapidly growing telecoms in eternal movement, solutions must be fast and simple. That is why TAF provides you with its equipment as well as its teams to answer at best your requests of assembly, dismantling or maintenance of your infrastructures.


LANDSCAPING, with the unloading of wood and transport of trees.Whether along main trunk roads or in parks, the classic slaughter is complicated and expensive. The helicopter appears then as the ideal solution. Thanks to the slaughter in several parts, leaving the tree on foot, collateral damages are limited and the environment is preserved to the maximum.

Swimming Pools and SPA

SWIMMING POOLS and SPA, in living districts, it is harder and harder to intervene with classical means either by concerns of resistance of public road networks, or by concerns of degradation of the nearby grounds.

Airs ways allow to avoid these obstacles, thanks to the helicopter you can settle your swimming pool in polyesters or your Spa as well as supply your construction site with ground, gravel, materials or diverse vegetables for the ornamentation of your project.

Écureuil AS350 B3 (H125)

The AS350 squirrel is the most sold single-engined helicopter since thirty years by Airbus Helicopter. Its last version, B3 +, is powerful and handy, and can load up to 1 200 kg. It is recommended and used by all the world actors of air work.

It is recently the holder of the world record of the highest landing in helicopter at the top of the Everest (8 848 m).

Possibility of mobilization of helicopters which can carry loads up to 5 tons.

Technical characteristics

Motorization :

  • Model Turbine : Turboméca Arriel 2B
  • Power : 847 CV
  • Fuel : Kerosene
  • Consumption : 230 l/h ou 3kg/min

Dimensions :

  • Diameter rotor : 10,69m
  • Length : 12,94m
  • Total height : 3,34m

Crew: :

  • 1 pilot (+ 5 passengers)

Capacité de levage :

  • Charge externe : 1200 kg

Super PUMA AC 332 C1 (H215)

Le Super PUMA, bestseller historique d’Airbus Helicopters, est un hélicoptere bi-moteur gros porteur unique en son genre. Le super PUMA peut héliporter des charges jusqu'à 4.5 tonnes. Il est tres utilisé en haute altitude, comme en agglomération.

Nous sommes les seuls en France propriétaire d’un Super PUMA.

Technical characteristics

Motorization :

  • Bi-Turbine : Turboméca Makila 1A1
  • Puissance : 1742 CV
  • Carburant : Kérosène
  • Consommation : 620 l/h

Dimensions :

  • Diamètre rotor : 15,6m
  • Longueur : 18,7m
  • Hauteur totale : 4,8m

Crew: :

  • 1 pilote (+ 5 passagers)

Capacité de levage :

  • Charge externe : 4500 kg

These companies trusted T.A.F for the helicopter transport of their materials.

Codev Piscine

Lifting by helicopter a pool in a property not accessible by the carrier.



Lifting by helicopter of lighting masts for on a sports complex.


Héliportage sur le toit de l'hôtel Pullman au cœur de Paris

Héliportage sur le toit de l'hôtel Pullman dans paris à coté de Montparnasse.

SAF Hélico : Héliportage de PAC climatisation (video)

Reportage vidéo sur l'héliportage de PAC Climatisation en Super PUMA

SAF Hélico : Pose du mât de la tour Incity par hélicoptère (vidéo)

Superbe reportage sur la pose du mât de la tour Incity de Lyon, la plus haute de la ville située en plein cœur de celle-ci.

SAF Hélico : Héliportage à Charenton-le-Pont (vidéo)

Reportage vidéo sur l'hélitreuillage d'une centrale de traitement d'air à Charenton-le-Pont.Devis gratuit sur simple demande - Xavier Decroux - Tél. : 07 84 39 75 91 - Mail : xavier.decroux@saf-helico.com

SAF Levage : SEAT & Amazon - Première livraison (vidéo)

Livraison d'une voiture en france par hélicoptère !

SAF Levage : le super puma de SAF Hélicoptères (vidéo)

Superbe reportage sur les opérations de levage par hélicoptère avec le super puma.

Charroin Toitures

Helicopter transport of 14 pallets of tiles and big bag in the garden of a private individual in the region of Lyon.


Cofely Axima

Helicopter transport of 13 CTA and roof top on the roof of a factory in Rhône-Alpes.



Helicopter lifting of 17 air conditioners and central air treatment on the roof of a building in the zone of Grand Lyon.


Helicopter transport of 10 elements for asbestos removal on the Island of Grand Rouveau in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.


Alpes Bourgogne Constructions


La compagnie des Forestiers


Profession Jardinier


Free mobile


Société Alpine de réseau et d’électricité 5 (S.A.R.E)